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Nobody wants to see a rat in their home as they can cause damage to your property, spread contamination and disease and more than likely will not be alone.

At Cimex Pest Control Ltd we have the know how, expertise and experience to safeguard your property from rats in an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way.

We provide rat blockers which stop rats getting into your drainage system of your home or business in the very first place. Rodent non-return valves deny rats access to your water pipes and sewerage system from outside where they will undoubtedly thrive and multiply. Water and waste is allowed to flow freely but not the rats.

According to your property´s age, and where the pipes are situated, there will be different options available to stopping the rats from entering your building. Our experienced team will be able to advise you where the rat blocker will be situated to ensure maximum security of your home and to ensure it remains rodent free.

Our rat blockers are made of stainless steel, come in different sizes and have gone through thorough testing and EU approval. They are very durable and long lasting and rats cannot eat through them unlike plastic rat blockers. No rat poison is used as a recent study showed that 75% of rats are now resistant to poison.

Make sure your business is not having to close and lose money and reputation due to a rat problem. Contact our team today at Cimex Pest Control Ltd for a fast response and competitive quote.


Do you suspect you have an infestation of bed bugs?

Bed bugs can breed at any time of year and can be hard to kill, hiding themselves in the most tiniest of places. Bed bugs not only infest beds but can also breed in other areas close by the bed such as carpets, baseboards, curtains, clothing and laundry baskets.

But don´t panic, heat treatments kill bed bugs so consult the expertise of our team at Cimex Pest Control Ltd, the first choice for pest control.

Using 180‘ heat treatments, our team can quickly and professionally eradicate your bed bug problem. We can discuss with you and advise you if there is any need to use the heat treatment with or without the addition of pesticides when we come to pay you a visit at your home.


The very nature of drains being underground creates issues in locating unseen problems. The cheaper alternative to excavation is the use of a CCTV inspection. This is carried out using the very latest modern technology, monitor and camera. CCTV uses include:

  • Inspection of pipes which are susceptible to fracturing with water escaping to ground causing subsidence
  • Rats living in drains causing problems
  • Tree roots causing damage to drains

These types of problems can be detected using the CCTV camera and the solutions to the problems discussed.

Whether you are looking for pest and vermin control, CCTV or Heat treatments, consult the experts at Cimex Pest Control Ltd today.